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*Best food and music in Lake Worth* I seldom add my voice to a review, but we had the most amazing food in this low down local bar. Very varied styles. On this visit we actually ordered more than chicken wings. The menu has been completely revamped. I had the prime strip steak with peppercorn sauce and my wife had the Baja fish wrap. I almost fainted when I cut into the meat. It was cooked right and was fork tender.
*Top Chef in a Lake Worth bar!* ...joked about the food with the bartender and she told me they have a new chef who was actually very famous. The menu was far better than the average bar. I had the mezzo platter. It had hummus, cheese spread, tapenade and tazeki, and of course grilled pitas. I am from the mid east and I was shocked at how good everything was. I have been to every hookah bar in the county and their Mezze is beyond compare. I took the name of the chef from the menu and did Google him. Sure enough a top chef in a Lake Worth bar!